Download Historical Data From Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Projects in CSV Format

How to get data from decentralized applications?

All decentralized apps running on blockchain technology have all their data available to public all the time from the blockchain, which is a very cool features of DeFi. However, if you ever want to actually dive into all this data, you’ll find that it’s actually not that easy to get this data in the first place. Yes, it’s quite possible, but it requires some deep technical knowledge and/or money.

Here are a few ways to get the data from blockchain:

  • Connecting directly to a blockchain and getting data from it. Requires some coding skills, access to a blockchain node, which can provide you old enough data (not all the nodes allow this) and quite some time to collect all the data, since it’s a somewhat slow process. You also have to understand how the data is organized in the dapp you’re interested in to be able to get it in the format you need.
  • Using Sub Graph, which is a great solution for most projects. The Graph was created specifically to provide easy access to blockchain data. However not all projects implement it and even when it’s implemented, it might not have all the data that you need. It also requires some technical knowledge, and it’s also geared more towards complex queries to the data, and if you need a huge amount of data (like all trades in dex), downloading all this data might take quite some time.

What do we offer?

We collect the data from the blockchain and subgraph and pack it into easy to use CSV files which you can download. This should make it very easy to play around with all this data for anybody without requiring any deep technical knowledge on how to get this data.